Sunday, 23 October 2016

Self talk and the transient nature of all things

Been a while since I last posted. Things have been extremely busy  and it's been a challenge sticking to the fitness goals. Feels somewhat like a first year Analyst all over again but with better coping mechanisms (that's the only way to survive - sink or swim).

To cast things in a positive light - when things are busy and the industry isn't doing well, you'll double down on experience and "level up" much faster. To look at things from the other side, you can feel like you're being put through the juice wringer, where every ounce of omph is being wrung out, but you won't get rewarded for it in terms of monetary compensation.  But oh well, eyes on the prize RB35. 

The good thing over the last few months is that the markets have somewhat rallied, so my net worth has correspondingly increased to c. S$1.7m. Projecting the current trajectory and I think I might hit my target FU stash in of S$3.0m in another two to three years. Focus on the process of leveling up skills and various aspects of personal development. 

The good thing about aiming for a fitness goal such as say losing a set number of pounds, being able to tackle an event such as a marathon is that you'll have something outside of work life to look forward to. My weekly reprieve now comprises of long runs / walks around MacRitchite reservoir of more than 5 to 6 hours each weekend. It takes more than 20km to go into suffering mode where gains are made, and the suffering is ultimately a combination of a visceral and mental nature. Why suffer? 

Perhaps my mammalian brain likes it. Perhaps the science (of endorphins or the works) warrants it. Or perhaps it just feels as real as it can get. Humans against the elements. 

On a side note, I've picked up a couple of books written by Tan Chade Meng and he has been utterly inspirational, in the way that shows another path away from a corporate context which actually helps to improve society and the world at large. His techniques on meditation are extremely practical and useful as well, especially given my budding start since last March. I do find sitting down for 20 mins each morning (no matter how late work ends the night before) helpful. It's like a coat of amour that I put on daily, that helps to block the inevitable blows that come from work.  

I highly recommend picking up one of his books and picking up the practice. The one that I am reading now is "Search Inside Yourself".

Just another 2.5 months before the year wraps up. For those going through a tough period, keep going. It too, will eventually pass and if you search hard enough inside yourself, you'll find the requisite steel to temper all storms.