Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Is [Facebook] the new TV?

I've grown to become aware that I do spend a substantial amount of my time daily checking in on various social media platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it, I probably have it. When reality gets dull, one could always use a distraction no? When work piles up, what better antidote than to perform a quick swipe down to refresh the Facebook news feed, or check out the latest Instagram posts? You'll get an immediate rush of endorphins to the brain as the latest, bestest and sweetest posts come up. Yay! 

In the age of super connectivity, one is really never truly solitary is he? Or is he not? I do find that mindless inter-netting and social media is fast becoming the new television. Only more dangerous, since it takes a tremendous amount of willpower and discipline to limit access given increased accessibility across the age spectrum.

Social media is truly a double aged sword. It allows people to be connected and up to date on what's happening to their social circle, providing one with increased access to new materials and ideas, which could be useful from an exposure standpoint. The problem arises when one spends too much time on a particular platform, just absorbing these materials passively instead of curating ones thoughts and carving out what's useful and what's not. 

I find that the most dangerous thing about using social media as time fillers and an antidote to boredom in life is that you are never truly present and focused on the present moment. You don't maximal rewards from the tasks you're executing as you're not all in, all the time with your efforts. It's a bit like doing your homework with the televisions streaming LOST (no puns intended) in the background. Through continual immersion, you'll gradually lose the ability to develop yourself and lose the focus on continuous improvement. 

Look I would suppose that putting a temporary pause of one social medium would invariably lead to another taking its place. Perhaps the best antidote to it is to develop your awareness and be mindful of what you're doing to obtain the most benefits. To be conscious of what ideas / media / material you're exposing yourself to and to seek to curate and develop your brain and personality. 

All in order to be a better man, [banker], [brother], [son], [friend] and [insert role of your life] at the end of each day, every day. 

Readers, what do you think of social media? Boon or bane? How has it been helpful in your lives? Or how has it impacted your lives negatively? 

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  1. social media is a consequence of the expansion of one's reach with the recent technology.
    unlike the invention of the printing press or the online newspaper, it doesn't pull both ends of the world closer.
    though like the printing press, it does enable one to reach out and touch others' mind.

    it is left to the individual to adjust the drip.
    wasting away one's own mind is no lesser evil than wasting one's own time.