Monday, 25 July 2016

New Goal for the 2016 Singapore Marathon

Decided somewhat on a whim yesterday that I was going to participate in the Singapore Marathon. All 42.2km of that. Perhaps it's because there's a little bit of a lull now that the summer is here, and I've all but clearly forgotten the good old pain that has yield in the past, but I haven't done something like that in quite awhile, and I did think it'll be good to burn up the physical thrusters once more and end the year on a naturally induced high (as opposed to artificial highs :p ).

I've done a couple of these long distance events, most of them just to tick the box of having had been there and done that, and some repeat events just to work on personal best times. Now here comes the crux of the decision, I'll be focusing 100% on the process this time (or die trying), of training consistently over the next 17 weeks or so.

No target timing in mind, just pure relentless focus on setting out a plan, putting through the paces, and going through with this, in an attempt to build resilience and further improve myself. This is perhaps one of the few times where I'm embarking on a self driven mission, with the intention to focus on the process instead of the prize at the end of the rainbow.

Let's see how different that feels as I document my training journey going forward. Every run, every workout, every setback. :)

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