Monday, 26 November 2018

Expenses - October 2018

Total - S$1,332.49
Spent much less moolah this month, largely because I headed off for silent retreat during the last week or so of October . 

I didn't quite intend it to be this way, but spending time working on the mind at a meditation center seems to jive with saving monies, as its mostly donations only concept, at least at those centers I've been to in Asia. And its a double win, cos you'll work on yourself at the same time and imbue simplicity into your daily life. 

Eating Out and Alcohol were the two main contributors this month. Bought some drinks for my family at Oktoberfest and stocked up on some good stuff from DFS when I got back from Taiwan in early October. Despite that, I realise that I have actually cut down on my propensity to drink - perhaps not much need to dull the senses to actually prepare for work? :)

Self Improvement rounded up the top 3 contributors. The usual yoga subscription and 2 books on Chan meditation contributed to this. 

I'm 67% under budgeted expenses for Oct 2018, which is what it is, and I didn't feel deprived at all during the month. I don't have the mindset that I actively need to save money and cut costs, and I ponied up where I wanted to or needed to. That being said, my natural disposition is to find value in what I invest or spend on. 

So the sentiment so far is that I'm happy, and perhaps the budget of S$4,000 per month of spending for my current circumstances might be over budgeting so far. But let's see how November turns out. 


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  2. Nice to see you updating again. I think you are the rare few bloggers around that managed to F.I.R.E at a young age. $4k is indeed quite a lot! At least to me haha.

    Keep up your healthy lifestyle. Happy new year :)