Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Expenses - June 2019

Total - S$3,044.46
Spent a total of S$3,044.46 in June 2019, which was c. 23.8% below the budgeted amount.

The largest expenditure was in relation to my North America vacation. I commenced my trip up to the US of A this month, and was out of Singapore for almost the entire month.

Insurance came in 2nd, as I had to cough out quite a large bit for the cash portion of my annual H&S premium. One thing I'm glad about is I managed to get a full rider for co-pay and non-deductible for my private and public hospitals sorted back in 2014, before the Government phased out non co-pay / non deductible schemes earlier last year, given the rise in claims due to the incentive structures for the health sector.

Eating Out was the 3rd largest portion of my monthly expenses. Brought my brother out for his birthday dinner before I left, and that formed a substantial part of that expense.

Pretty happy this month came in line, or even lesser than expectations. I'm beginning to think my budgeting might be rather conservative. 10 months have passed since I started my F.I.R.E journey, and I'm about 33.3% below budget, before accounting for any withdrawal of my portfolio.

I might have to spend some time to rework the financial model so I can deploy more cash into investments, but it's good stuff nonetheless.

In any case, I do see some heavy expenses in the near horizon as I spend upfront on a longer European trip scheduled for the end of the year, and perhaps purchase some diving equipment and spend on mastery courses such as "Rescue Diver" and "Divemaster". That being said, all's good and I'm happy with the way things are going - in line with, or rather, below my overall budget :)


  1. What, only spent less than $2000 for a one-month stay in the USA? That's amazing!

  2. Hi there, expenses are accounted for on a cash basis (payment through credit card is accounted for on the same basis as cash for conservative and admin purposes). But if you should know, 1.5 months in the USA came up to be S$6,159 in total.