Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday Musings

Life! Monday feature
I like the Life! feature story that comes out every Monday, typically featuring someone that has achieved a certain measure of success in her life, doused with nuggets of wisdom and reasons behind that success, including her motivations and background.

Today's article is about the founder of The Projector, an indie film lifestyle operatorship based out of the top levels at Golden Mile Tower. Just 35 years young, Karen Tan has managed to establish what long time operators have failed to do - a sustainable indie arthouse filmhouse. While I have not watched a screening at The Projector before, I have been a customer and spent some time catching up with friends over a few drinks at the bar outside, and the vibe was pretty cool.

That aside, I think my takeaway point is that Karen has managed to find meaning in what she has done, contributing positively to the burgeoning arts scene in Singapore by providing a venue that will screen the films made by small and upcoming indie film producers. Seeing someone build something that contributes positively to society is always inspiring, especially if that someone is some one belonging to my age group. 

Some food for thought....

Joke of the Day
Was making small talk with a big swinging dick (Managing Director, or "BSD") while heading to a client meeting.

BSD: "Yo RB35 you look stronger and more defined these days. What do you do to get in shape?"
RB35: "Just a little mix of kettlebells and high intensity interval training. Nothing much."

BSD: "Shoot me the contact for your personal trainer man. Mine's not really good for advice, it's been 15 months and I don't feel too in shape."

RB35: "I'll shoot you the app for my gym timer, but I don't have a personal trainer boss."

BSD: "Dude, you're a fucking investment banker. You should go hire a personal trainer instead of formulating your own workouts."

RB35: "Erm, sure boss."

Gee, I guess I know why your personal trainer didn't work out there, Mr BSD. 


  1. I hope Mr BSD doesn't read this blog. Always interesting to hear conversations by BSDs..

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