Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday night thoughts

Sitting in my garden, sitting alone with my thoughts;

Grappling with the prospects of taking a sabbatical and/or calling it quits for real;

Never thought it'll be that tough a decision calling it quits;

The six figure salary, the limited perks, the seeming "prestige" and job satisfaction; 

Are those real? They certainly seem like obstacles in the path to the promised land;

Oh well, what indeed is the promised land? 

After more than 10 years in the journey to F.I.R.E;

I realise that from my perspective, the monetary aspect, is perhaps the most simple problem of it all;

Managing one's fear, emotions, and desires is proving to be a much tougher problem to solve;

But with all problems or transitions which are tough;

Fruit will be borne out of thee; 

And with sufficient effort, these will eventually be, perhaps not resolved holistically, but managed effectively; 

I feel tremendous gratitude indeed, for having these problems at such a tender age of less than 32; 

But that shall not serve, in any way. as an excuse from shunting away from responsibility; 

The responsibility to provide, to live a better life, and to live true to my own values; 

My values, which do seem a bit muddled from the years spent waging battle in the investing banking trenches; 

With enough water and patience, perhaps true north could obtained once more? 

It's all in the journey RB35; 

Keep strong, and keep the faith and live progresses; 

And enjoy the ride while it lasts; 

Because at the end of it all;

We'll all turn to ashes and dust. 


  1. Can't resist sharing this link since I am re-reading some of LAF's posts recently:

    All the best!

    1. Thanks mate. This was really helpful in the leaving process :) Hope all is well. Cheers.