Friday, 24 January 2020

Expenses - December 2019

Total - S$2,295.33

Total expenses for the month came up to S$2,295.33, which was surprisingly low for December.

Gifts was the largest expense, largely attributed to my attendance at a wedding right across the border as a groomsman for one of my buddies, and various Christmas / birthday gifts across the month.

The second largest category was Vacation Expenses, which was mainly attributed to across the border spending for the aforementioned wedding, given it was a mini vacation of some sorts for my partner and I.

Eating Out was the third largest category - there is only so much one can say about this. But this category was relatively lower in December compared to other months, as I spent a week on retreat across the border.

So I've spent about 57.3% of my budgeted expenses this month, which ain't too bad, and well within budget.

That being said, I expect to spend more in January 2020 as I send my motorcycle in for repairs / servicing, associated expenses for CNY (got to distribute some to my parents), and also front load a bit of expenses for a few other upcoming trips in 2020.


  1. Hi RB35, just curious if your partner retired with the same networth/250k stash aside expenditure spending money as well? Life would probably be different if you retired first?

    There could be other considerations of buying a property (probably when you are 35?) that could see a sizable drawdown on your investment portfolio. That could be one areas of consideration. Seems increasingly apprehensive to get back to work once you start early retirement, which is my main consideration - once I retired, no more work!

    I dabble in Yoga and meditation as well.. Always like the off peak feel which during the less crowded timings.

    Anyway, your blog is insanely inspiring!

    1. Hi there, thanks for your encouraging comment and happy lunar new year.

      My partner has not retired yet - she's still at it. Yes, life would be different if we're doing this together, but as I see it, I'll take what I have right now, anytime :)

      Yep, I did factor in considerations about buying a property - we're most likely gonna go down the HDB route. It'll probably require withdrawal of invested capital to front downpayment, or full upfront payment if leverage can't be taken. If that leads to a scenario where my invested capital becomes too low for comfort, I don't mind going back to work FT for a couple more years to pay off the property - won't be easy but will do what I have to do, and I believe humans, or at least I'm acceptable.

      Cool to see a fellow practitioner in yoga and meditation. Perhaps we might have crossed paths before? Hit me up via email if you'll like to get a coffee. Will be nice to chat on these.