Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Expenses - January 2020

Total - S$3,166.32

Total expenses for January 2020 came up to S$3,166.32.

The largest category was "Motorcycle" - my motorcycle repair and maintenance job. I've an 8 year old KTM Duke 200 (class 2B bike) which I rarely use. That means high degradation of parts and voila, I came back to a faulty fuel pump and a nasty case of dried out rubber for some of my lights. Add a poor DIY job on the front brake fluid system, and normal servicing works (engine oil change, etc), this baby cost me S$849 for it to be put back on the road safe.

Strangely enough, the mechanic's advice was : "Bro you got to ride more, because this kinda bike if you don't ride enough it'll all get gunky and rough, then you'll have these kinda problems. These one can't be left alone for long. You want something you can just leave alone for awhile and continuously use - buy a scooter." Well, suffice to say, I've been putting in some mileage since then, though the weather has gotten drastically hotter over these two months. Anyhow, I've put up my bike for sale, so let me know if you come across this pseudo advert and would like to know more.

The second largest category was "Eating Out". Stayed in Singapore the entire month, so this definitely would be a top 3 category. Notable entries included paying S$70 for a Burpple Beyond membership, which I have not used yet, and also some wine dinners with my friends and family.

The last category was "Gifts". Chinese New Year came early this year, and I had to pony up for the customary ang pows to my parents, and domestic help.

In conclusion, I came in below the S$4,000 budget (79%) and have some surplus savings. There aren't any major plans to go traveling this year, so I reckon I can keep to well within the S$4,000 bogey. In fact, if there wasn't that major expense for my bike, I'll be hovering around the $2,300 mark, with no real focused cost cutting measures put in place yet. So all's good. 

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  1. I've owned KTM bikes before 15yrs ago, $$$. After that i stick to jap bikes, more reliable and cheaper.